[!WARNING] This currently doesn’t work. The upstream API changed. See https://github.com/Pinjasaur/u-pull-rss/issues/2.

U Pull R Parts junkyard inventory scraped into RSS.


There’s a scheduled (cron) job that runs daily at 9am UTC via a GitHub Actions pipeline. “Why 9am UTC?”, you ask. Because, dear reader, it’s early morning CT (3 or 4am, depending on the offset). This job does the following:

The RSS lives at /feed.rss. You’d put this URL into your feed reader of choice. If you want a recommendation, I use Miniflux.

You can view the current inventory at /inventory and the changelog index at /changelog.


Me. It’s licensed under MIT.


I wanted to see changes to the junkyard inventory real(ish) time, as well as historically.


Simon Willison for their article on scraping which I leveraged.